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1 definition by BernieMadoff

An individual at your place of employment who is given a position of high standing, but is completely undeserving for reasons of incompetence, ineffectiveness, or a broad ignorance of subjects that are at the core of his/her responsibilities. A highpocket is someone who has the aforementioned traits, and wears his/her pants up high in a display of smug self-satisfaction. Sometimes suspendors or a tight belt produces this effect. A highpocket is generally despised by those who perform actual work, since a highpockets tends to do tedious, unimportant work and thoroughly laud themselves for what they believe to an outsanding contribution.
Employee 1: Have you met the new marketing director?
Employee 2: No, is he cool?
Employee 3: Hell no, the guy sits in his office all day making tps reports. What a fucking highpocket.
by BernieMadoff February 25, 2010