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2 definitions by Bernice Darunia

Bostonian alternative to the word authentic.
Hey Maahhrk, you're an idiot if you really think Obama's birth certificate isn't fuckin authenticious.
by Bernice Darunia May 15, 2011
1. Noun form of unbeknownst

2. A drug with which you (probably Tracy Morgan or a date rapist) dose another person (probably Jay Mohr or a club girl) without their consent
JM: "So I hit the J and it felt like glass was going down my throat so I vomited immediately and I'm like what the fuck Tracy, and he goes 'You neva smoke PCP before Jay Mohrs? You neva smoke sherm? You didn' smell it?'"

PO:"He gave you unbeknownsties!"
by Bernice Darunia November 06, 2011