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a tapered pungent wind, dispelled from a reptillious sphincter or constricted hole, often resulting in a high pitched wailing compared to that of the windypoping dog farts.
was that a dog whistle i hear, or a snake fart??
by Bernhard Matthews March 07, 2008
used to describe a ladies meaty front bottom in the context of it's resemblance to re-formed pork products (eg lorne saussage thinly sliced or billy bear/dino pork).
did you hear that stacy got arrested in KFC for sticking a chicken drummer up her pork fanny.
by Bernhard Matthews March 06, 2008
the practice of cookery, where you slowly add the nectar of ones large pork loin unto ones self to make one as crispy as an anorexic in the sun wearing keratin oil factor zero.
my you look crispy, is that the pork basting technique you've used or did you just rub liquid spam on your shoulders??
by Bernhard Matthews March 07, 2008
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