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Jump off 1. hot part or place

jump off 2. a hoe or slut
Yo after school bring that jump off tawana to the block
by BENZ November 20, 2003
A less violent version of punk, appealing to a younger age range with less violent topics.
Sum 41 vs Bad Religion
by Benz December 10, 2003
An individual that likes to suck a lot of cock. A.K.A. HAMMER
"Yo Benz, u know this bitch?"
"Yeah, she's a hammer-mouth"
by Benz April 15, 2003
An establishment or area containing numerous/multiple attractive and/or promiscuous females.
Eg. at the club

"Damn, look at this joint, its a slut-farm up in here"
by Benz April 15, 2003
an expression use when ur bored ( lol brian!)
Damn Biology seems to take forever....fukbluah
by Benz May 07, 2003
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