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Small market town in the county of Shropshire, England. Actually has shops, unlike most of the surrounding villages, but to be honest you'd rather go to Shrewsbury, Telford or Bridgnorth (nearby towns) if you actually want anything other than a loaf of bread or some sausages. Mainly populated by the elderly and sub-humans (chavs).

There is a local primary school, and a secondary school named William Brookes School, after the most famous Wenlockian that nobody else has ever heard of. Most people who go to the school would rather be doing drugs than learning. Many do so anyway. The school was rebuilt in 2009/10, though it didn't really deserve it.

If you cared you would be on Wikipedia, let's face it. Anyway, basically Dr. William Penny Brookes started the Wenlock Olympics in the Victorian era, and continues today. It inspired the French guy who's name I cannot be bothered to look up (but sounds something like Pierre de Coobertan) to start the modern Olympics in some year or other. One of the two Olympic mascots for London 2012 (Wenlock & Mandeville) is named after the town, although the Olympic committee decided not to take the torch there, but instead skirt round, apparently avoiding it instead. Seriously though, that's a little retarded.

Many people living there have lived there all their lives, and so have their parents. There are people there who are their own cousins. We're talking extra toes here. I've seen them.
Person one: Have you been to Much Wenlock?
Person two: Yes, I almost drowned in pensioners. Then I got assaulted by some yoofs.
Person one: Bloody Hell! I'm not bally well going near the place!
Person two: Good day!
Person one: Good day to you sir!
by Benyaminx July 03, 2011

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