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A moig is a sufix, which follows a noun, normally relating to the actions or traits of the noun.
Honkmoig - Horn (because a horn HONKS)
Carrymoig - Stretcher or bag or similiar (Because you can CARRY stuff)
Viewmoig - Pair of glasses, a window, or similiar (Because you VIEW through the glasses or window, etc)
Soundmoig - Speakers (geddit' yet?!)
Runmoigs - Shoes, trainers, etc.
Flymoig - Plane, helicopter, etc.
Sailmoig - Ship, etc.
by Benton! September 26, 2005
A Speedmoig is a 2 wheeled mode of transport, on which employees at large airports may stand to gain speedy movement about the place
Look at that bloke on the speedmoig.

Matt, I wish i had a speedmoig

The only downfall to a speedmoig is it cant cope with steps
by Benton! September 26, 2005
A dragmoig is one of those new style suitcases that are small, have a long extendable handle and can be wheeled about the place. Are normally used by execu-types and the like.

See: Moig
Look at him with his dragmoig, thinking he's all business class.

I wish I had a dragmoig instead of this rucksack
by Benton! September 26, 2005
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