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1 definition by Bentley Student

Bentley College is a business school in Waltham, MA. It is mainly an institution for the advancement of wealthy people. Most students are rich and get in a lot easier than the smaller population that is amazingly talented and got scholarships. The campus is completely lacking in diversity besides maybe the Asian population. Putting whiteout over fresh snow does not compare to the whiteness of Bentley.

More importantly, Bentley discriminates on the basis of talent and money. So if you don't have a good amount of either, you are not currently a Bentley student.

The campus has organizations that were made to give students fun things to do and keeps there little minds busy. People make friends of course, although if a job offering came up, they would happily punch their friend in the face to get it.

About once a semester there is some kind of big fundraiser on campus. These are social events where people joke around and pretend they are helping people. They put on their serious face, and then forget why they cared and go party.

Republicans and Democrats make up the political spectrum at Bentley. These are the people that may have important influence on the political life of this country some day, so they are highly propagandized and told not to think. Oh wait, nobody tells them that, but they do it anyways. Some students are good and decent, but many more students are loud, chauvinistic, competitive, and lazy. There idea of working together is teaming up to kick dirt in a poor man's face.
"I want to drink every day and try to do as little work as possible in college. After, I'll just take over my father's business."

"It's simple, just go to Bentley College!"
by Bentley Student April 12, 2006