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To strip down to one's underwear and pour a drink over a fellow reveller.

NB: First occurred when David Bentley, the professional footballer, did so on live TV following a victory over rivals Manchester City, May 5th 2010. (Available on Youtube).
Last night's party was amazing, I managed to do a David Bentley on some hot girl in a tight white t-shirt! And she loved it!
by Bentley Price May 09, 2010
When lads join together in jovialities and "banter" it rises to the same level as getting with girls (rangoose) and so the two are joined in glorious union. Nothing to do with geese although geese related jokes are permitted.
I had such a good time with Mike last night it was proper Bantergoose. I felt like I had got laid but it was just two heterosexual males having a good time in a heterosexual way,
by Bentley Price October 05, 2009
Laughing so much
That was funny, lmaonaise
by Bentley Price February 28, 2009

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