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The gnarliest drink ever created. Formulated by Bill Gookin. It comes in a powder like Kool-Aid. Thats all
-"Why is Farkas such a beast?"
-"Because he drinks Gookinaid... Duh."
by benthemagicbum January 27, 2009
When someone rips a nasty fart in another person's bowl piece of a smoking apparatus while they are torching whatever may be in it. The name is a reference to the nuclear disaster that happened in Russia in the 80s, Chernobyl.
noun - "Joe, why did you have to fart in my bowl and turn it into a Chernobowl? That's just gross."

verb - "JOE! You totally Chernobowled my hit. You're paying my next medical bill."
by Benthemagicbum December 15, 2010

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