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She is one of the top and best Japanese singers , she does Hip Hop / R & B with a lil Pop music for the past 5 years but her old stuff was Dance and Pop.She has been the only Japanese singer to stay around so long and still stay on top to this day. She is a very hot 1/4 Italian 3/4 Japanese pink cookie ^_^ . And she loves her Pink Panther so that makes her our special lil Japanese pink cookie ^_^ . And she don't got a high pitched annoying voice ...its very smooth n sexy. And when she wears short skirts n boots with brown curly hair that gets Bentendo very happy ^_^ .
person : whos that you listening to?
me : Namie Amuro
person : never heard of her...what she like?
me : she a japanese hip hop / r & b singer....shes the best
person : i wouldn't mind hearing her
me : yeah she also very sexy and wears lil skirts alot and makes me go o__o <3 ^_^
person : you are obsessed
me : sho nuff muhfucker...and fuck blonde noobs
#namie #amuro #hip #hop #japanese #singer
by Bentendo July 28, 2006
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