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The absolute cornerstone upon which chivalry stands, Benjamin is a kindhearted, loving, and intrepid soul. Though strong, intelligent, and wise, Benjamin sometimes harbors secrets deep within, only to be entrusted by a small number of his closest companions. He can tend to be quiet and reserved in most situations; however, Benjamin's true colors are revealed when he feels comfortable around and pleased with his company. He easily captivates every girl that befriends him; only one has ever truly captured Benjamin's heart. A stunning smile and a shining soul, Benjamin is the ideal icon of a true gentleman in today's society.
At first glance, Benjamin seemed to be just another voiceless existence of the world, though this was proved compltely false by his bold and valiant actions.
by Bensashi August 08, 2012
A highly contagious yet ironically desirable disorder, ORS is a sudden amazement and dumbfoundedness of the beauty of any music played by the world famous band known as OneRepublic. The effects of ORS are lingering; it will leave most people in what can appear to be a state of obsession for OneRepublic, as well as a strong hunger for more music by or similar to the incredibly beautiful and melodious band.

Though a somewhat recent band and therefore rather new syndrome, there have been at least two large outbreaks across the globe of ORS in history. The first being the largest and most prominentmwas caused mainly by one song, as these effects commonly are. Titled "Apologize," it destroyed and set records all over the planet, easily becoming the most aired song on the radio between the years of 2005 and 2006, only to be beaten by one song, "Bleeding Love," which was written by Ryan Tedder, OneRepublic's lead singer.

The second most well-known case, also the most recent, was caused by the song "Good Life." Appealing mostly to the young audience of today's pop culture, which has grown quickly and gained much more attention in recent years, "Good Life" has become a song a huge number of the population has come to love because of its message and beauty.
Benjamin told me he had first been diagnosed with OneRepublic Syndrome (ORS) years ago, and it is still highly effective on him to this day.
by Bensashi August 08, 2012
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