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The greatest youtuber in the world, Dan Hardcastle. Period. In case, you know, you needed another period. For emphasis purposes. He's incredible and if you are reading this YOU ARE WASTING YOUR TIME BECAUSE SCIENCE.

The above is likely the way he would define himself if he wasn't talking about himself. Nerdcubed is a Let's Player on youtube. He often rants, and commonly has issues getting his mouth to say what his brain would like. He got his start making comics about Minecraft, then beginning to show cool things to do on Minecraft and vlogging on Youtube. As of 3/23/13, he has 525,125 subscribers and 101,854,978 . His series of Let's Plays are "Minecraft Buildy Thing" (discontinued) which is exactly what it sounds like, "Nerd³ Plays", which is a fast, edited and comedy focused "first-look" gaming series, "Nerd³ Permadeath", which is him vs the game, to see how far he can make it without dying, "Nerd³'s Completes", which is a silly LP series featuring one game up until he completes it, "Nerd³'s Month of" (discontinued), in which he plays a game for 1 month, "Nerd³'s Three Free Game Friday" which is... pretty much self explanatory, and "Nerd³ Father and Son-Days", which is a co-op series with his dad. Nerdcubed's trademark line is "because science", given whenever a reason cannot be thought of.
Hello Procrastinators
Come on Come on Come on come on Gonna shoot you in the face When we count to three
Jesus was gay and wore a wig
The theme is white people good brown people bad REALISM
The irony is so large I could cut it with this invisible knife
Crap on a cracker
In the immortal words of William Shakespeare ... bullocks
I didn't make him dead I found him dead
You bastard cheating bastard on bastard toast bastard cheating bastard bastard with bastard filling and bastard-ness you utter utter utter complete and utter bastard!
Oh arse biscuits
Dodge that guy Drop that mine Get down tonight
Here in my guards I feel safest of all I can lock all my helmets cuz the only way in is in guards.
All you need is love *trumpets* And a machine gun *trumpets* And some other stuff I said in the last verse
As thin as day and fat as night No cake shall escape my sight For those who watches Weight Watchers might Beware my spandex FOR IT IS TO TIGHT
Stealth behind the luggage. I am now invisible. You cant see me
Alright I'm getting in My briefcase doesn't fit with me No briefcase Oh my god that’s killing me No NOOOO Fuck briefcase Stupid fucking briefcase killed me ... fuck you briefcase!
Yeah I'm standing on his head. What’s it to you? ... I fell off
I'm gonna boop a happy face into the wall to cheer myself up
- Memorable Nerdcubed moments
by Benpaco February 04, 2013

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