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Accidentally shitting while matsturbating. Usually done just before orgasm when full relaxation is reached.
I was too horny to take a shit before I rubbed one out. I accidentally shartabated right before I blew.
by Benny the Pig October 25, 2010
an old lady's cunt lips that are all dried out and hard.
I was looking for some easy poontang at the old folks home but all i found was cunt jerky
by Benny the Pig November 01, 2010
Having two or more turds exceeding eight inches in the bowl at one time. They can either be criss crossed or lined up parallel but they will need some assistance getting flushed.
Dude, I had to use the handle on your plunger to break up a log jamb.
by Benny the Pig November 23, 2009

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