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1. A communicable airborne disease (such as the flu or common cold) transmitted between parties by intimate and/or sexual contact. A pathogenic disease that has become an STD.

2. The thanks you get for driving two hours to take care of some sick-ass homeboy.

3. A condition that can only be remedied by large quantities of Emergen-C, rest, and fluids (preferably of the bodily variety). Or by punching babies with a razor.
Joey was sick in bed, so I took him some soup. We got it on, and now I've got a serious case of sniffylis.
by Benny the Icepick June 05, 2006
Coming from the universe of Battletech and MechWarrior, "Aff" is an abbreviation of "Affirmative," meaning "yes." Its opposite, naturally, is "Neg," short for negative.

When expecting an answer one way or another, the prefix "qui" may be added.
Gunter: "Enemy Kodiak at 2 o'clock. Should I open fire, quiaff?"
Von Helsing: "Aff. Take out his legs."
by Benny the Icepick August 31, 2007

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