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Similar to a Zombie Mask, the Mummy Mask is completed by giving a female a temporarily blinding facial. Once said female has been blinded, she will get up and stumbled around the room with her arms raised searching and moaning for a towel.

The variation between a Zombie Mask and a Mummy Mask occurs when amidst her Zombie stumble, you throw pieces of toilet paper into her face, thus giving her the appearance of a mummy.
Bro, did I see a mummy coming out of your room last night?

No, that was just Sarah, I mummy masked her.
by Benny Peme* February 14, 2011
While sitting in bed, one pull's their bed sheets up over their head to resemble a ghost, and masturbates underneath.

Can also be done with a flash light underneath the sheets to create the glowing ghost fap. The flash light illuminates the sheet creating a magnificent aural glow.
I scared the hell out of my mom last night, she walked in my room and thought she saw a ghost, turns out she only caught me mid ghost fap.
by Benny Peme* March 30, 2011
To ejaculate in a girls face with the intention of temporarily blinding her. When she gets up to feel around the room for a towel, you throw toilet paper in her face, making her resemble a mummy.
Friend A: Dude, did I see a mummy walk out of your room last night?

Friend B: No, that was just Sarah, I mummy masked her.
by Benny Peme* February 07, 2011
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