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1 the thing that is written on each high school desk i've seen

2 a good band that pioneered the 80's,ruled the 90's,and in 2003 they decided to make a change-well-changes can be good....not this one:riffing the same stupid chord 7 minutes,yelling like a 13 year old homo kid who got his dick cut off in a chainsaw accident,and humping the drum kit so it sounds like a churchbell(well that can be interesting in some songs)...is not a good change...
1 MetallicA

2 oh--Metallica-they were good once did u know that?...
by Benny D1 May 17, 2007
the effect u get after u drank too much coffee to wake yourself up(usually when studying to a test or when u feel u're falling asleep at work,common with workohollics)
Symptoms: Fast reactions,Fuzzy vision,shaking hands,talking to yourself,need more coffee,insomnia for one night at least,neasuea,farts in public,smell of urine from the mouth-----actually all those symptomes r the things u try to prevent by getting "coffee drunk"...
"HHemmm---Benny... why the fuck r u humping your monitor?..and what the fuck is that smell...?"

----awkward silence...-----

"I don't know brow-----I must be coffee drunk!---can u bring me some more coffee,please? i think i'm going out of focus here..."
by Benny D1 May 01, 2007
A character from the movie "Snatch"-Played by actor Jason Flaming- He is also the narrator of the film,he has an assistant that 's called Tommy "Da Tit" and the toughest motherfucker in the movie-quite a wierd name for a guy huh...
Turkish:"what's up with those sausagges Charlie?"
Charlie:"Five minutes,Turkish"

Man that Turkish bloke rulz!
by Benny D1 March 20, 2007
Refered to anything that is so fresh,cool,hot-it would even make shit melt!!!-hot shit is refered to situations,objects.Can refered by hot ass people to other people as well-it is always a possitive referal

-it is the key word of the famous rapper Busta Rhymes
"wow Mickey,had u tried Oskars weed-this is HOT SHIIIIT!!"

"Hot shit,hot shit,hot shit-c'mon!!!!!"- Busta Rhymes
by Benny D1 February 14, 2007
Can take place at different situations-for example when someone farts at dinner,or when u say "Dude,Fuck my boss!!!" and then u realize he's right behind u because of the way your job mate is staring at u...Or when u pass by a person u had the craziest sex with,2 days ago and u both were dopped as hell and then u realized it was your friends mother
Shawn:"dog' you're going to love my parents-my mom baked those delicious cookies for friday-now' I want to you to meet my mom-mom,this is Benny!"

---------awkward silence....-----------

me:"yeahh,hy,,miss...hey...---listen Shawn,where's the bathroom?..."
by Benny D1 March 22, 2007
I'm terribly sorry-the actor that plays turkish is Jason Stathem,not Jason Flaming.Flaming plays Turkishes helper-"Tommy Da Tit"
-Hey mate,have u seen "Snatch"-Jason Flaming plays that guy,"Turkish" and he rocks!!!

-"Benny u're such a retard!-his name is Jason Stathem,not Flaming!"
by Benny D1 March 26, 2007
C'mon guys-who gives a shit about "The Who"-let's straighten things out here!...
"My Generation" is a poetic rock ballad written by the compulsive rock band Limp Bizkit-the song deals with the critical and fragualle tension our society is into...The band describes their opinion and frustration saying the words:shit,fuck,motherfucker & fucked up during all of the song to manipulate anger and to swipe the listener from his feet.

I realy meen all that i've just said...
"We don't-don't give a fuck on-Till u ever give a fuck on-till u-u give a fuck about me-and MY GENERATION"

Aaaahhhh-Fred Durst,never fails to surprise me...he should teach Mozart how to compose music...
by Benny D1 March 22, 2007

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