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6 definitions by Benny Chains

1. The act of a motor-vehicle's rear end to become aerial. Also known as an endo.
1. I killed the stoppie, my shit was at 12 o'clock. Fuck all yall.
by Benny Chains February 27, 2005
A wheely that stands straight up and down.
Damn, that motherfucker just kicked a tight as 12-o-clock wheely. damnnnn that shit was tight!!!!
by Benny Chains December 18, 2004
1. A Gangster in the film 'Knockaround Guys' Played by Dennis Hopper

2. A legend.
1. Have you seen Knockaround Guys?

2. you can only whisper his name. "Benny Chains" For he is a legend.
by benny chains April 04, 2008
A goddamn awesome metal band from Maryland.
I ejaculated on your mothers eye when she was catatonik
by Benny Chains December 19, 2004
1. A fucking awesome metal band from Maryland.

2. The past tense verb for TORTURE. which means to slowly maim, and inflict pain upon any living creature.
1. Kid: Guess what mom! I just saw the band Tortured play at the 930 Club.
Mom: so?

2. I once tortured a little boy sowing his asshole closed and fed him hot steamy chili.
by Benny Chains December 19, 2004
doing a wheely while sitting on the seat and spreading your legs on either side of the bike.
Damn!! did you see that shit! godddamn!! he just did a wheely with his legs spread!! i wish i was him
by Benny Chains February 23, 2005