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39 definitions by Benny

when you take a shit so big it doesnt fit in the toilet. nhalf of it is in the water and half of it is sticking out of the water.
man i just dropped of the titanic in there!
by benny December 01, 2004
When a cat puts all their legs under their body while sitting on the ground hiding their paws. Making them look compleatly legless.
Tabby is a womble
by Benny February 05, 2004
Greatest gamer of all time , undeniably handsome , has booyah coming out the what , probably misspelled undeniably.
is that brad pitt? no thats zany
by benny February 27, 2003
Courtney Lee. originated from California
dude that girl is so Courtney Lee
by benny September 29, 2004