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extremely cold
Yo, ike, i busted out of house and started chasing him but it was issel as a mug and i ran beck in.
by Benny May 02, 2003
n. Dog. Everyone hates him. He has a terrible life. We should all consider him (and Tiddles) as a person and not flame at them.
"Oh no! Arfy Arf Arf is coming!" "Oh no! You're commiting an act of prejudicey!"
by Benny February 26, 2005
A person who loves rock music,and tends to have longish greasy hair,and walk around as if he/she owns the place,another feature is that they all walk around with headphones on at full blast!!!
usually male with long greasy hair usually idolisisng KURT COBAIN!!!
by BENNY January 17, 2005
A canoing enthusiast.
That guy is a serious woodpussy.
by benny October 02, 2003
comes from the famous words of jeremy. it is about a chick with a fucked up back and calls my friends "cronies"
go in you cunhole
by benny June 10, 2004
A boy who was accused of having Fat Sex thus the nickname of Fax being created (FAt and seX)
"Hey Fax"
"Im gonna kill u"
by Benny January 22, 2004
when you take a shit so big it doesnt fit in the toilet. nhalf of it is in the water and half of it is sticking out of the water.
man i just dropped of the titanic in there!
by benny December 01, 2004

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