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An obscure and unfeasibly specific fetish, which involves using ones national flag for masturbatory purposes.

The vexillologist wraps the flag around his 'old chap' and uses it to mop up his mess afterwards.
He says he is a nationalist but I think that is just a cover for his vexillology.
by Benny June 23, 2004
Description of a hot little female.

Shout out Team B.
To say, "That girl got some looks on her," it would mean "That girl was damn good looking."
by Benny April 04, 2005
mean the opposite of over there
Je suis ici et non là-bas
by Benny December 17, 2004
The land of chebber

The place where one goes after numerous alcoholic beverages.
"I'm bored, fancy doing something?"

"Yes, I know, lets go to chebberland"
by benny February 17, 2004
Kilroy-Silk left the party early for a spot of flag-wanking at home.
by Benny June 23, 2004
surmbo: a rediculous scheme waiting to backfire at any moment or a plan or idea that seems to go backwards
This whole new word idea is surmbo
by Benny January 18, 2004
The potential to be a truly nasty piece of work.
'Steer clear of Puff - he is full of sadamability."
by Benny June 11, 2003

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