39 definitions by Benny

The best radio sation ever
y100 beats the crap out of any other radio station
by Benny March 20, 2005
Expression used before using foul language, usu. to warn the listener.
Excuse my french, but that motherfucker is one bitch-ass cocksucker.
by benny September 05, 2003
A maximum-strength laxative, not for the faint of heart. You will literally shit your guts out. The mucus lining your intestines will be removed.
"Poopin' Is cool"
"Have a crappy day!"
by Benny February 04, 2004
Someone who munches on tits
"You fucking Titmunch"
by benny April 14, 2005
A term for someone with a small penis.
Dude, that guy is totally shalkore in the pants!
by Benny November 10, 2004
Suck My Dick
"hey Suzie Slut Slarve my Dode Beeyotch"
by Benny March 17, 2004
its the french defenition of '' Dumb Ass''
T Juste Un Osti D'agrès!
by Benny December 15, 2004

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