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A filthy article that has never been washed but which Pork Scotch uses to dry dishes. Normal people don't go near it apart from when they use it to kill spiders or to wipe up gunk from the kitchen floor.
Flondibulus: Bog roll's finished, is there any more?

Mickus: No, use a Pork Scotch tea towel. It couldn't get any filthier so the fat twat will never know.
by Benny Twadge May 19, 2009
A monster in almost-human form that dates clinically-obese security guards. Also known as Girlfriend of the Porky Scotcher, this vile creature is so horrifically ugly that those who look at it have been known to retch with such violence they vomit their livers out onto the ugly bitch's shoes.
Oh shit, its The Thing!

What?! You don't mean The Thing With Teeth Halfway Down Its Neck?

Yes! Nogtard vomited his liver on the bitch's shoes last week.

I know. The Porky Scotcher picked up the liver and barbecued it.
by Benny Twadge May 24, 2009
A huge bunch of keys carried by little fat security guards because it makes them feel important. The only keys actually used are the ones to his house, his mum's house and his silly white van. The 58 others are ones he's found.
Look at that guy's keyring! He must own lots of houses and cars.

Wrong! What we have here is a cretinous security guard. They're only Pork Scotch Keys. He found most of them. Hasn't a bloody clue what they're for.

What a nobhead.
by benny twadge May 24, 2009
A retarded, thick-lipped checkout assistant who stares at the ceiling while serving you and grunts instead of speaking.
Dad: Shall we go to Asda then?

Monkus: Only if we can go to David's till.

Dad: David the Grunting Spacker?

Monkus: Yeah. The fat spaz makes me piss.
by Benny Twadge June 19, 2009
Name given to someone with a head which is exactly the same shape as a koala's head. Usually only fat bald security guards can achieve this interspecific resemblance. The effect can be heightened if the koala-headed person has his hair cut in the Pork Scotch style.
Why has someone brought a koala to the braaivleis?

They haven't. What you're looking at is the Porky Scotcher. The ugly bastard has a koala head.
by Benny Twadge August 02, 2009
An mp3 player used by fat ugly security guards who think they're cool.
Look at that fat old twat with an iPod.

You're talking stupid. That fat twat is Pork Scotch.

Ah! So its a Pork Pod!
by Benny Twadge August 16, 2009
Alternative name for the Pork Scotch Van or half-car after a huge frozen dump was put on the roof of it. The crap thawed out overnight and was nicely baking in the sun the next day before the Scotchers emerged for their daily jaunt to buy barbecue food. Scotchy didn't spot it at first so he drove round with a turd just a few inches from his fat bald koala head.
Bloody hell what's that I can smell?

That'll be Scotchy's Shit-Wagon. He still hasn't persuaded Goofy Granny to clean it off.

Filthy old bastard.
by Benny Twadge August 22, 2009

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