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n. Blatantly responding off another's subject matter or replying in such a way that doesn't consistently follow another's remark(s), subtly implying that his or her comments are worthless or unnoticeable. SEE forcrudate

adj. forcrudative v. forcrudate
I was humiliated by my boss' forcrudation after my rather elaborate, detailed explanation about my new plan.

I found Jerry's forcrudation toward Clark, his step father, to be just plain rude: "Jerry, I want to buy you a new car to show you that I want to be apart of your life." "Clark, my girlfriend's butt is huge and I'm going to bed now so goodnight!"

"ANSWER MY QUESTION!!! OM NOT TALKING ABOUT YOUR MOTHER, MADAM," Judge Judy screamed at the forcrudative litigant.

It wasn't like I used impolite forcrudation. I didn't change YOUR subject. I changed THEE subject.
by BenniD August 07, 2006
to bring up something else when you know your tail is in trouble or to forcrudate someone's subject to throw them off their topic. See forcrudate
I did the ole' change-the-subject in the middle of my story about why eating worms was delicious as I noticed people were getting disgusted with me.
by BenniD August 05, 2006

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