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American CIvil Liberties Union
It seems that I am the only sane person on this website! I am not a "neo-nazi terrorist scumbag" but i do support freedom of speech, whether it be flag burning or KKK rallies, and i do not support the government holding untried prisoners in foreign countries where they are routinely waterboarded. I don't think that any religion should be present in schools, or any other pubic place for that matter, but what people worship in their homes or churches id fine with me. Call me anti-American all you want, but isn't it you that is being anti-America by not wanting what is in the best interests of the population?
This country is built on patriotic dissent. Lve with it, you closed minded, neo-conservatiove hate mongers.
You all have some growing up to do. ACLU FTW.
by Bennett Ward May 19, 2008

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