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2 definitions by BennduR

An expression used to describe something:

2. Awesome

that makes your day brighter, or puts you in a good mood.
1. OMG Did you see Kyse's skit? It was funny as hell! That just made my day!

2. LOL! BRUNO FOR HALLOWEEN? You just made my day.
by BennduR November 01, 2009
Similar to being ambidextrous, but instead of having another good hand, you have one less good hand: you have no good hands, and are incredibly clumsy as a result.
Benn: Dude, don't throw the ball to Dave he has two left hands!

Benn: Damn it Ron, you dropped the entire bag of popcorn.
Ron: Sorry man, I got two left hands.
by BennduR July 11, 2010