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1 definition by Benlito

A person who steals another persons pictures, to use as his/her own Self-Image. This person then lies to other people they meet online through a chatroom or message board, etc. Usually The Pic Hawk is a Fat or Ugly person or unsure of their own image. Some Pic Hawks Use these fake pics to meet people over the internet for sexual Hook-ups.
Creating A Bizarre atmosphere in which the people who think their meeting the person they Knew so long online or on the phone,Find themselves meeting someone who is totally different and not their sexual-type.
Rob is so black he purple and ugly as hell but he has seen and fell in love with Erica's Profile on Mypro, And he thinks she's a perfect dime piece.
So Unsure of how she'll eccept or reject him, he decides to be a Pic Hawk. He then sends her several pics of this colombian brazillian guy Nene. She quickly gets intersted and starts to take it further by asking for his cell number, he then runs frantically to the library and studies spanish so he can convince Erica, he is who he really says he is.(Nene the latin guy). meanwhile Rob is really a fat and bald 40 yr old virgin who wants to lose his virginity to a really hot dime, and knows as ugly as he is that's not possable. So he developes this alter ego as Nene and Starts to really get this Honey going. Then she tells him its time they meet, And when she goes to his house Her whole perception of who He really is changes to the point of her thinking this guy must be freakin' crazy or something. He then plays it off that he sent her the wrong pics, which she says is BS. Then she gets so worked up over the entire situation and then relizing that somehow she feels sorry for the poor guy, she decides what the heck she'll sleep with him. She gives him pitty sex. And never returns to his house or returns his calls again. And this sick cycle continues with every hotgirl he meets online.
by Benlito September 07, 2006