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verb. To hear the order or rule. Almost always used sarcastically, and not in an environment where memoranda are usually written.
Apparently Bob didn't get the memo that you shouldn't do keg stands at a wedding.

Didn't she get the memo? I'm a guy -- I'm not supposed to feel emotionally vulnerable.
by Benjjj May 03, 2005
The fat around the midriff of an obnoxious or intolerable girl. Essentially, lovehandles on a girl no one could possibly love.
"Damn, she's not only an ice queen, she's got double-fistable bitchhandles."
by benjjj May 09, 2005
verb. To terminate a process, task, or relationship that is yielding little response, and no benefit. To pull the plug.
"Ever since this became a long-distance relationship, we've been talking less and less, and finally I realized it was time to schiavo the whole thing."
by benjjj May 04, 2005
adj. To be extremely emotionally volatile, especially in regards to one's attraction to the opposite sex. This term can be used to describe males, but is mostly used to describe females.
"I showed up fifteen minutes late for dinner and she went smruti on me, screaming and crying in the restaurant."
by Benjjj May 03, 2005
v. to leave a meeting or event abruptly and before its termination with little or reason, especially when you are expected or even required to be in attendance.

Also can be used in the form "to pull a kacho."
"Jared was at the meeting, same as all of us, and then I looked up to discovered he'd totally kachoed."

"Crazy Bob -- he pulled a kacho and walked out of his own child custody hearing!"
by Benjjj June 22, 2005
(n.) Extreme dental malformity, beyond what is normally referred to as "snaggletooth." "Snagglemouth" involves the decay or gross misorientation of nearly all or all teeth in the mouth.
Christ, with a snagglemouth like that, she was either beaten by Wayne Gretzky or grew up in West Virginia.
by Benjjj May 23, 2005

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