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Suburb of the Boonies. Not exactly out in the middle of nowhere... but pretty darn close. People aren't completely hill jacks... but pretty darn close. Still a DQ within reasonable distance.
I was driving to my house this weekend, and a teenager was popping wheelies on his ATV in the middle of the street with oncoming traffic. My wife said: "Well..at least he has a helmet and shirt on."
I responded: "Yeah, we live in the boonieburbs, not the boonies. Oh hey, there is the entrance to the DQ! Woo-hoo, dilly bar time!"
#boonies #suburbs #bonnies #boonees #booniesuburbs
by BenjiD February 05, 2008
A woman who's sole purpose in life is farming out her uterus to increase her social assistance payments.
Person 1: Are those all her kids? I thought she was running a daycare.
Person 2: No its just uterus farm.
#whore #leftover coke whore #coke whore #slut #cum dumpster
by benjid December 09, 2012
A prostitute who is hired hastily during a cocaine session with your buddies, who after services rendered, lingers for far too long, due to the unlikely prospect of receiving more cocaine.

Esp. A prostitute with tattoos on her face.
Who wants to show that leftover coke whore the door?
#coke whore #snow ball #left over coke whore #whore #coke slut.
by benjid December 02, 2012
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