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3 definitions by Benji Koontz

Anything misalligned or moved out of or away from where it is supposed to be. Usually two objects that normally fit together in one manner that for some reason no longer do so.
"I tried to get that bolt out of the bumper of my truck after the crash but it was whopper-jawed as fuck, so I hit it with a hammer until it came out".
by Benji Koontz May 16, 2006
47 22
When two people engage in sexual intercourse for longer than 1 hour. Either person may orgasim as often as they can, however the sexact must be continuos and non stop. The penis may slip out and ride the clit momentarily or you may change positions. But you cannot leave to get a drink of water or anything of that nature. Marathon-fucking may cause Friction Burn.
"Tracy wanted me to fuck her real quick before she took a shower but I wanted to take about a two hour marathon fuck".
by Benji Koontz May 16, 2006
48 26
A salad with nothing but lettuce in it.
When the lady asked if I wanted soup or salad I said, "I would like a naked salad please".
by Benji Koontz May 16, 2006
5 2