4 definitions by Benjamin Lax

a more physically detrimental harm than a simple kick in the neck
Ant, Dan and I believed that the bank employee who was not mingling deserved a drop kick in the neck.
by Benjamin Lax April 28, 2008
Something will not matter if such an occasion should arise
we will force them to the hot gates where their numbers will stand for shit
by Benjamin Lax April 28, 2008
To physically harm someone who has verbally, physically or mentally harmed you.
Ant, Dan and I gave my ex-girlfriend a swift kick in the neck
by Benjamin Lax April 28, 2008
An unusual breed of call centre worker who did not pass the test. Resorting to casual desk work to pay of a banger of a car.
The bank worker found weekends hard to go without food and washing a shit car
by Benjamin Lax April 28, 2008

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