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An obsessive compulsion to engage in coitus with a leper, or lepers.

Covers the full range of common sexual acts with a leper; as well as, the boring of a hole into the rotted flesh of a leper, be it with a tool or rude animal member, and ensuing copulation with said hole.
As his spoiled foreskin fell to the floor, Rocky briefly entertained the thought that perhaps leprophilia wasn't such a healthy obsession, then continued his work with the egg beater.
by Benjamin Kranklin December 06, 2004
The act of snorting a line of the substance of your choice, out of the valley of your spouse/lover/random hobo's butt crack and taint.

Sexual Slang akin to the Dirty Sanchez, Donkey Punch, and Brunswick.
Man, you got some sort of brown schutz hanging from your nostril.

Oh, Thanks. I just did a Nantucket Sleighride with your aunt in the wine cellar, guess the snow was starting to melt...
by Benjamin Kranklin February 24, 2005
Punk Ass Bitch

Most commonly attributed to disrespectful teenage males; however the spectrum of individuals deserving of the title knows no bounds...
That dweeb who won American Idol is a total PAB!

Well, well. If it isn't PABlo Picasso, king of the pencil dicks.
by Benjamin Kranklin February 09, 2005

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