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Something fantastic or extremely fortunate; derived from the best starting hand in Hold 'Em poker, a pair of aces. (Odds of getting aces: about 1 in 220)
That party last night with the coke and the hookers... fucking aces, man.
by Benjamin Fatbody December 03, 2003
To do something retarded as if high.

In stoner parlance, to get lifted at halftime of a Portland Blazers game; named after chronically high Rasheed Wallace, who seems to spark a bowl or two at halftime of most games himself.
You lose my keys motherfucker? You been smokin with Sheed?

Let's rip this bong, son.
by Benjamin Fatbody December 18, 2003
Depending on the context, either wasting time with the basketball game or thinly veiled code language for intravenously injecting heroin. Go team H!
The kid is a fiend for shooting horse! Don't fuck with him boy, he will fuck up your area.
by Benjamin Fatbody June 03, 2004
Duh, synergy, combined action or operation. In a 'New Economy' sense, it refers different companies or technologies combining in 'innovative' ways to make everything better. Go team!
Speech recognition and interpretation software combined with camera-enabled cell phones can create an opportunity for instantaneous translation. All this synergy is making me cream my pants.
by Benjamin Fatbody June 03, 2004
1) The Flipmode Squad, founded by Busta Rhymes, pretty weak sauce as far as rap cliques go.
2) An unexpected reversal.
1) "Whatever happened to Flipmode Squad?" "Who cares, they ate a bag of dicks."
2) "He thought I was coming with rock when I went FLIP MODE and went all scissors on him."
by Benjamin Fatbody December 02, 2003
A relative slum when compared to West Linn. Oregon City is near the end of the Oregon Trail; it is located on the more impoverished side of the Willamette River. Oregon City's claim to fame is the dynastic, nationally-ranked girl's high school basketball teams of the late 90's, and an elevator. Does the elevator still work? Anyway, the kids there have inordinately high rates of drug usage and teen pregnancy and low academic performance. It's the kind of town you rise up out of, not be proud that it's your home.
Oregon City might fairly be called a dystopia, but they do have a Taco Bell and a Walgreen's, which is more than can be said about West Linn.
by Benjamin Fatbody June 03, 2004

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