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Uncircumsized dick cheese
Smegma? Dick cheese? Yeah I bottle that shit
by Bengay19 June 04, 2011
Disease in which a male will do anything to get a lick.
Wow you quit drinking for her? Pussy-Whipped piece of shit!!!
by Bengay19 June 04, 2011
When you have to fart and you have to clench your buttcheeks so you dont let loose, kinda like you slam on the brakes
by Bengay19 June 04, 2011
pussy whipped male parent who sucks up not only to his wife (or civil partner, in which both parents would be fagdads), but also to all of his kids.
His name is Conrad? He must have a fagdad...poor kid
by Bengay19 June 04, 2011

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