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Blanket term used for addressing other inferior parties in hip hop parlance. This does not mean any person qualifies for inclusion into "y'all niggaz"; rather, only external persons also a part of "The Game" but not in the immediate posse of the user and therefore inferior by extension are to be addressed as such.
Lil Jon: "We runnin this bitch, y'all niggaz ain't shit."
by Benevolous June 14, 2013
A descriptor denoting the unworthiness of a person, place, or thing.
Joe: No dude! I can't do it!

Jim: Damn, you're being so bitchniggeresque right now.
by Benevolous June 18, 2013
A euphemism for an asshole that takes dicks.
Mook 1: Damn my asshole hurts

Mook 2: Yo your hucklebunker could take ten dicks
by Benevolous May 21, 2013
An airplane.
Bob: Hey man, can you take me to the airport at 7? I have to catch the bin laden wagon at 9:30.

Steve: Sure dude, be careful
by Benevolous June 18, 2013

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