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1 definition by Benalee

A snookie punch is when a chick gets punched or sucker punched in the face.

'Snookie punch is named after mtv's famous reality show, Jersey Shore. A pop culture reference to the character Nicole Polizzi, a self proclaimed "guidette" nicknamed Snookie, after she was sucker punched at 'The Beachcomber Bar' while having a good time with the rest of the cast of Jersey Shore at the end of season 1, episode 4: Fade To Black.'

Other variations of the word are Snookers punch, Snickers punch or any variation of Snookie's nickname botched by her house mates during the season.
Carlo: This girl is ragging on everything I do. I will snookie punch her if she doesn't STFU.

Dino: I'm going to snookie punch you when you're not looking.
by Benalee January 15, 2010