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Persians are an ethnic group from the country of Iran, they are the direct descendents of ancient Indo-Iranians (Aryans), who arrived in parts of Greater Iran circa 2000-1500 BCE and constitute the largest ethnic group in Iran and one the oldest.

Persians have played a crucial part in the history of Iran and their cultural achievement and language (Farsi) constitutes the basis of Iranian society. Persians and ancient Medes(modern Kurds)established the first Iranian state.

Persians lend their name to the Persian Empire (Achamenid Empire) which at the height of its power encompassed approximately 7.5 million square kilometres and became the largest empire of the ancient world.

The Persian Gulf in the Southwest Asian region located between Iran and the Arabian Peninsula is also named after the Persian people.

Real Persians hail from Iran only, other ethnic group native to other countries sometimes wrongfully claim to be Persian because they speak various dialects of the Persian language.
Excuse me miss, what is your nationality?

I'm Persian and we are called Persians!
by Ben234 June 12, 2009

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