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1 definition by Ben23

A Japanese supercar (cough) made by Nissan since the 50's (but only late 80's models and up are recognised) Just because they are in movies and in video games they are supposed to be fast. And to the ppl who think a Skyline can make over 280km/h unlimited, you stupid fucks better wake up and realise that your ricey skyline has ONLY 2.6 litres and ONLY 6 cylinders and 2 turbos , and that my holden torana SL/R 7400 has 7.4 litres and 8 cylinders. the engine is a 454 cubic inch chevy v8 engine, and fed by a carby. not fuel injection, none of that cock sucking bullshit. 2.6 litres is about 161 cubic inches so i would shut the fuck up rice boys, take ur plastic shit and go live in japan. From what I have worked out, stock a Nissan Skyline R34 twin turbo, without speed limiting, will make 247.3km/h. anymore than that, and you would blow that little engine, gearbox and drivetrain apart. my car makes 800hp from a stock 7.4 litre engine, urs makes 240 from a 2.6 litre engine, not bad considering the smallness of the engine but still shit.
my torana makes over 300km/h, and remember, 800 horses, so it shouldnt be a surprise!
Mate, I raced that R34 Skyline at WSID the other night
Nice, what happened
His fuckin cylinder head got blown sky high
HAHAHA, must have been pushing it too hard lol
Dont think so, he was only doing 140km/h...oh wait, that is too hard for the ricey piece of shit ay
by Ben23 September 25, 2006