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To depart or make haste to another place.
"Dude, I think I should offski about now."
by Ben Wiggins October 14, 2003
To be homosexual or 'gaylord'.
"Your freaking bumsexual, man."
by Ben Wiggins October 28, 2003
This turnip likes to hide in bushes on green painted patios.
Beware of it. Though it can't stay angry at you. Awwwwww, high five!
Deliver us from si---*get's eaten by turnip*
by Ben Wiggins August 30, 2004
A descriptive word used when implying that something is ultra impossible or extremely difficult to do.
"Man, that maths question was S.S.X. tricky!"
by Ben Wiggins October 20, 2003
a freakin' fool with a hairy ass
"fuck off granleese put it away"
by Ben Wiggins October 23, 2003
A term used to imply something is the pinnacle of crap. See Ori.
Westside pimp: Why that Poeleece man be laying a rap on my hoes! That has got to be the spirit of gay, yo.
by Ben Wiggins August 30, 2004
Added to the end of other words to show the object's crappiness
"That lesson was Mathori" Derived from 'Maths'
by Ben Wiggins October 21, 2003

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