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Upon meeting someone, a casual jimmytap.
Upon meeting Kenneth Lay, he extended his right hand, and I gave him a banana handshake.
by Ben Stein February 16, 2005
To have Penis launched into one's oral cavity at an alarming rate of speed.
1. -Anita Speak into the mic.
2. -Will you please speak into the mic.
3. -I'm sorry, you must speak into the mic.
4. -Hey, Speak into the mic.
5. -I gave her The Bill then asked her to speak into the mic.
6. -Excuse me, Please speak into the mic.
by Ben Stein June 03, 2004
the sound accompanying the insertion of a tampon into the vaginal region twice. Used to describe the motion of a tampon and the sound it would make.
when the girl went into the bathroom after school to change her tampon it made a WOOP sond and she was set for 8 hours
by Ben Stein January 12, 2005

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