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As in smoking herbal substance; to inhale from a pipe or other smoking device, followed shortly by an exhalation into someone else's mouth. This term was developed by troops in Vietnam, who actually would put a marijuana cigarette into the open chamber of an unloaded shotgun and blow it into eachother's faces. An example of this can be seen in the movie "Platoon".
When you're smoking out, it's not considerate to shotgun with other people's girlfriends or boyfriends.
by Ben Salisbury November 12, 2001
a clearer definition would be vagina, however, the word also is a bastardized version of a French word implying "hooker". Refers to "gettin' laid"
If I don't get some poontang tonight, I'm gonna burst!
by Ben Salisbury November 12, 2001
a 200 mile long parking lot in California that was once considered a route through which vehicles moved.
I would rather pee blood than be on the 101 in 5 o'clock traffic
by Ben Salisbury November 12, 2001
to go crazy or utterly insane due to stress or another incident. Next step up from tripping; implying skitzophrenia.
I have an essay due in thirty minutes and I'm skitzing so bad I just want to set my head on fire!
by Ben Salisbury November 12, 2001
1. A multi-use term for many situations. Usually declared when a situation is screwed up ironically, or when no other explanation can be found.
2. short for gone Fucking AWOL (absolutely without leave) a military slang term for someone who went crazy and attempted to escape duties
1. You caught your wife in bed with the pastor of the church where they held your sister's funeral tonight? FUCKIN' A!
2. Pvt. Johnson went fuckin' A and tried to strangle his Sergeant.
by Ben Salisbury November 12, 2001

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