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likes drinking, smoking and being loud in public places. Sex is almost compulsory by the age of 14 and a baby is this girls favourite toy by the time she gets to 19. Female form of rudeboy
"yo that girl is a proper shazzer"
by ben ross January 05, 2004
1) someone who picks up girls who have recently split from their partners. Regarded as a twat by all those around him.
2) Someone who picks up a lot of points from rebounds in American Sports.
1) Look at pier, he aint doing nuthing but picking up other peoples rubbish, hes a right garbage man.
2) Luke Brice is a heavy garbage man, he scored 25 points off rebounds last week.
by Ben Ross January 07, 2004
1) the act of growing up
2) a country under control from america.
1) im 15 now, i should have some gawd damned independence
2) the blown up, crater like country got its independence in 2003.
by ben ross January 22, 2004
to say, jesus christ without being blasphamous.
jaysus you cant say that about ms kirby phil, she mings old style.
by ben ross January 11, 2004
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