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The kid who unlocked the iPhone.
Yo geohot is one sick nasty hacker!
by Ben P January 24, 2008
A party where people touch each other in the bathing suit area. Also a good pickup line if I dont say so myslef.
Brick: Would you like to come the the pants party. Oops I mean party Im my Pants?
Veronica: No Thanks Brick
Brick: How About you Ian?
Ian: No Thanks
by Ben P February 07, 2005
A cognitively challenged weather reporter on the Chanel 4 news team. He has an IQ of 48 and wants to know what love is more than anything in the world. He also has a very high vioce when singing "Afternoon Delight"
Brick: I stabbed a man with a trident in the heart. There were horses and a man on fire!
Ron" I was meaning to talk to you about that... You might want to find a safe house or a close relative. You are probably wanted for murder.
by Ben P January 25, 2005
While masterbating, insert other fist into the rectum. No lube, no easing it in, all in one fluid motion.
I enjoy jaxterbating while watching gay porn.
by Ben P April 09, 2003
A derogatory term for a bad person who thrashes Jack Blacks chopper by throwing a very filling burrito.
Jack Black: What The hell BRO!
Ron Burgundy: Ohh that was a nasty spill you had there.
Jack Black: You just thrashed my chopper BROSEPH! The only thing I ever loved. Im gonna stomp your goofy ass!
by Ben P January 24, 2005

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