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6 definitions by Ben Lynch

Normally, "bootleg" refers to goods illegally sold and distributed, without proper taxation, and at a loss to the original manufacturer of the goods. This can apply to anything, from booze to cigarettes to designer jeans, etc, as long as it is sold and distributed by other than legal means. Today the term is primarily used to describe stolen audio/video recordings that are illegally sold and distributed on the Internet.
I know all about counterfeiting, pirating and bootlegging because I sell bootleg CDs and other material on the Internet. Give me a call if you need anything.
by Ben Lynch December 25, 2004
769 244
One who delights in slorping down slippery loads of jizz. Although this term carries a negative connotation when applied to macho males, it is considered a positive attribute in women and homosexual men, such as myself.
I sucked and jacked his heavy cock until his balls exploded a clotted wad of jizz in my mouth---it tasted sour, but I swallowed it anyway because he was bigger and stronger than me. Then he patted my head and murmured, "Ben, you're one hell of a cum sucker."
by Ben Lynch December 19, 2004
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Noun. A deformity of the face that causes people to act retarded and moo and stuff and take dumps everywhere.
Damn! Dat Beyatch gots the mad treach!
by Ben Lynch December 28, 2004
85 40
Texas with the treach.

If Oklahoma was a person, it'd be a rubber-faced mongoloid drooling and mooing and eating its own shit and trying to convince the world that it is as good as normal people.
I thought Texas was a piece of shit until I visited Oklahoma.
by Ben Lynch February 27, 2005
145 262
A dead asshole guitarist for a bunch of second-rate bands. He sounds a whole lot better now he's been given some extra ventilation with a 9mm.
Dimebag Fan: "Oh my god! Someone just shot Dimebag! Call the cops!"
Me: "Cops are already here."
Dimebag Fan: "Why didn't they stop that guy from shooting Dimebag?"
Me: "Figure it out, asshole."
by Ben Lynch March 01, 2005
110 303
Slang for Ecstasy, the finest of all designer drugs. Makes girls get all loved up and desperate to be fucked.
I dropped some X at the rave.
by Ben Lynch February 26, 2005
185 710