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4 definitions by Ben Kessler

When farts or fecal matter cause 3rd degree burns to the sphincter region. Usually occurs after an evening of ethnic food from third-world countries such as Mexico, India and Afghanistan.
Mark had to skip class, for those dirty parking-lot burritos gave him spicy asshole and his sphincter was bleeding.
by Ben Kessler February 19, 2005
36 9
The combination of 'ew' and 'ugh'.
Vikki: "My fingers smell of nicotine ablaze."
Me: "Ewgh."
by Ben Kessler July 23, 2005
5 4
Stands for: Cute Little Girl(s)
Him: Dayummmm those CLGs are finnneee, I'd definitely fuck 'em!
Me: Shit yeah, I would too if they weren't 9!
by Ben Kessler September 03, 2005
9 28
A homosexual farmer.
Notice how that Tim Pickerin is always tending to his sheep and not his crop? Hell, he sure is a jolly rancher!
by Ben Kessler February 19, 2005
18 51