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A slightly lower form of life than the common cretin. A management minga will typically enrol in generalist 'management' courses that don't teach any specific skills. Akin to learning how to breathe, the study of 'management' is practically useless. This has been demonstrated through the inability of these mingas to gain employment after graduation. I mean what are they going to manage? Are they going to be employed as as 'managers'? Most are also very unfortunate looking, hence the minga label.
"Hey what are you going to study?"

"I want to be a management minga. I cant wait till after uni- I won't have any specific skills and some HUGE company will hire me as a manager"

"Hmmm, I take it you couldn't get into anything else...."

"Umm, yeah"

by Ben Jammin in yo momma crib October 05, 2006

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