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Noun (yey-ford) Comming from Westcountry slang meaning to poo or sh*t, also commonly heard in Brighton. This word is linked closely to 'yeycups' (please see). More commonly used as a derogatory term or insult. Can be shortened to 'Yfrd' or 'ford'. Can also be adapted freely - "stop talking Ballford".
- "That was yeyford!"
- "So you think your yeyford don't stink?!"
by Ben Hyde June 04, 2004
Noun (ber-i-cals). Coming from the Westcountry slang 'berry'. Meaning the breast area of a lady. Commonly used to complement there physical structure (can also be used as derogatory).
"Nice to meet you and what a sweet pair of bericals you have"
by Ben Hyde June 04, 2004
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