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In females, the physiological phenomenon whereby the gunt, or more accurately the ''guntal'' nether regions, produces foul smelling gases and generally unpleasant airs which are smelt upon inspection by a prospective male mating partner. More broadly, the term refers to the vaginal area of an overweight woman in possession of a gunt.
Male 1: Come on then, spill the beans, was that fatty any good in bed?

Mate 2: Not bad mate, but my god I didn't expect to have such a potent gunt factory on my hands. Literally, on my hands, I've been scrubbing them all day and I still can't get the stench off.
by Ben H. Patrick December 15, 2012
verb. the process of trying to woo another, typically a female, into bed with seductive craic or patter.
Male 1: 'Have you been trying to shark my lass?'
Male 2: 'Definitely not mate. I wouldn't dream of sharking your lass.'

Female 1: 'That guy over there has been trying to shark me all night.'
Female 2: 'I know. He's such a creep.'
by Ben H. Patrick November 29, 2012
The general run-down state a female finds herself in after a long weekend sniffing cocaine, or Bolivian marching powder, with symptoms such as drowsiness, headache, nausea, blocked nose, sore throat, chills, fever, general discomfort, which may mimic those caused by the influenza virion but are actually the downside effects of a weekend of high hedonism.
Female 1: Where's Jen tonight?

Male: She's still in bed with a bad case of Bolivian bird flu after hitting it hard last weekend.
by Ben H. Patrick December 14, 2012

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