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The theorem depicted on the chalkboard in Good Will Hunting, but replaced the complex quadratic equation of when Matt Dillon cancels himself out on both sides of the equation, leaving only Stiller/Mary = Mary/Stiller. Also you substitute Sandra Bullock for Minnie Driver. Known as the hardest quadratic equation at Harvard
Ow, my There's Something About Theory
1. "A mullet-styled hairdo grown from the gullet"
2. "A hairdo where the mullet itself is shaped like a gullet"
3. "Gullet in the front, Kool-Aid in the back"
MA: Pa, why does that bison skull always haunt us in our left corner whenever we're a huntin'?

PA: I done shot at it with 18 boxes of bullets but the dyern thing won't crackle, bah

MA: Well, maybee we can pay that Indian to get rid of it

PA: I'll give him a gulletullet, them Indians love gettin paid in gulletullets because gulletullets are IN on the Oregon Trail
When you take a cell-phone antenna and overcharge your mouth with it until it blows the top of your noodle clean off your neck-gizzard-hole. Cannot be done with antenna-less cellphones. Science of the surge is undetermined but might draw from plate tectonics.
Maytal: Did you buy that surge protector at Home Depot?

Skeleton-Boy: No, I just finished surging a head clean off though with my antenna. Your head.

Maytal's corpse: Oh. Ow.
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