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Nervousness before losing your virginity
Virgin Kyle was feeling a little vigidity walking into Bubble's V.I.P. room
by Ben F. Campbell May 19, 2007
the alcohol molecular component in the ester that biologically causes homosexuality; Related to the Mojito

Bryan was the captain of the football team, but started to look at the team as more than just team mates when he began introducing mojit into his system through after-game partying
by Ben F. Campbell May 19, 2007
to sexually harass an annoying woman; to sexually harass someone by calling them an annoying woman

The lady with her toy poodle, cellphone headset, miniskirt, and extremely high voice was trying to talk to her friend Sophia on the phone about how badly her hair appointment went while trying to simultaneously order coffee when the person behind her Twat'd her and thus ended her annoyance, though a court case soon followed.
by Ben F. Campbell May 19, 2007
The inflamation of the Senior. Can result from a bug bite, or some other reaction from an outside source.
Drew, graduating from highschool in less than a month, was soon diagnosed with senioritis when he walked into a patch of poison ivy, leaving his skin puffy and swollen.
by Ben F. Campbell May 19, 2007
The occurances of two people saying or thinking the same thing or idea, usually of a idiotic fashion.
Stoner Billy and Stoner Kyle were both sitting on the couch when they both said, "Wow...this couch is really soft." Creating an idiosyncrasy between the two of them which would be their topic of conversation for the rest of the evening.
by Ben F. Campbell May 19, 2007
A white person on the brink of getting shot
Cracker Kyle, on his way from prep school with his baggy khakis and pressed, white polo shirt hanging 6 inches past his waist truely made Kyle a beezee, a wounded gazzelle on the Sarenghetti of the hood
by Ben F. Campbell May 19, 2007
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