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1 definition by Ben Dovernowplease

If your a Xan, odds are you are sexy as hell. You are almost definitely asain, and you know how to have a good time! You have a gorgeous smile, great personality, and for some reason you are usually attracted to Raymonds, which is totally cool. You work alot, are a great artist and pianist, and great to talk to. If you ever meet a person who doesnt like Xan, they are either gay, retarted, or gay and retarted. And they should get hit by a truck instantly. Did I mention she is the best person in the world to talk to? And she has an AMAZING body. If you havent been with a Xan, it is high time you did!
Bro, that girl is Xan as hell!
by Ben Dovernowplease December 07, 2010